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Jet-x F22 Raptor Test Flight

Jet-x Raptor Test Flight

The “super” F22 is a slightly larger foam version of the classic Jet-x F22. The larger wing area gives it slower and more graceful flight characteristics, and surprisingly seems to make it more stable. We were concerned about it leaving the park, so we trimmed in a little left turn which brought her right back to the launch point! Unlike balsa, the foam wings/tail makes it very easy to bend in control surface inputs to “program” a wide range of flight characteristics.

The Jet-x Mini Nighthawk

The mini Nighthawk flying wing was designed to test a smaller wing area. As expected this smaller Nighthawk flies much faster than its bigger foam brother, but has less glide. This flying wing design was inspired by Lockheed Martin’s new “RQ” autonomous drone, which can trace its own heritage back to the 1940’s and the original Horton Brothers flying wing with its distinctive “swallow tail.”

The Mini Nighthawk is *very* quick and easy to build even for the inexperienced modeler – and can even be assembled with hot glue!
It also has “hybrid” foam elevons (control surfaces) which are humch easier than balsa to bend into the desired configuration. This makes it easy to “program” a wide range of flight characteristics from long glides, to big loops, to tight circles.

“Return of the Wombat”

Jet-x “Super” Wombat

This little wombat made two big circles to come back home and landed right at our feet!  

Flight Test: Super Wombat

Beautiful day for the maiden flight of the Super Wombat!

Take off at Twilight

The Super Wombat makes a high roll-out over head then flies off into the sunset.

Aerial Micro Camera

 Aerial video from an on-board micro video camera on-board. Camera is facing out from the right side of the plane. It climbs in widening circles and narrowly misses getting stuck in several trees on the glide down, then finally hits a big oak tree smack-dab-in-the middle on final landing. 

Crowd Funding Intro Video

Jet-x is bringing back the fun and excitement of building and flying real jet airplanes with the new and improved “Jet-x” solid state jet engine. We will also be bringing back some classic model planes as well as introducing some new designs. 

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