Plane Kits

The “Super Wombat”

Jet-x Wombat
Jet-x “Super Wombat” Flying Wing

Like the F/A-18 “Super Hornet” the Jet-x “Super Wombat” is a slightly larger version of the original Wombat flying delta wing. The larger wing surface gives it a longer, smoother glide. Like its namesake the Wombat is a tough litter critter. Made of sturdy 3/32 balsa the Wombat shrugs off hard landings and impacts that would send other, more delicate planes, back to the shop for repairs. Optional foam “elevons” allow quick and easy adjustments to the control inputs, so you can “program” a wide variety of flight paths. Easy to build, fun to fly.

Original 1950 Jetex “Wren”

Big Wren 2

The classic Jetex “Wren” from the 1950’s – a great beginner model. The Wren kit comes with an iron-on graphics decal that has been expertly recreated from the original 1950’s artwork. For those who are wondering about the engine placement, yes, the vertical tail does collect some carbon from the exhaust – but this bird wears it with pride. Easy to build. Fun to fly.

Jet-x High Performance Glider

Take this classic catapult launch glider to new heights, with Jet-x power! It zooms up to altitude like a fighter jet, and then glides like a sailplane. Easy to build, fun to fly.

Jet-x Nighthawk

Jet-x Nighthawk (Balsa wings with Foam Elevons)

First test flight of the mini-Nighthawk

The Jet-x “Nighthawk” is a fast and stealthy little flying wing drone that has large foam “elevons” (trailing edge control surfaces) which allows you to quickly change the flight path characteristics.