It all started when we were kids….

When we were growing up we loved to build and fly model airplanes – and we still do!

One day a kid came to our neighborhood park with the most incredible model jet airplane unlike anything we had ever seen before.

With a quiet hissing sound,  leaving a faint trail of smoke, the plane shot up into the blue… and we were hooked.

The plane was powered by a little solid fuel jet engine made by a British company called “Jetex.”  Kids all over the world used to love building Jetex powered airplanes, from simple balsa gliders to authentic scale models.

Unfortunately, the Jetex Company went out of business in the ‘70’s and model jet planes were mostly forgotten.

It’s been almost 50 years since we first saw that Jet plane, and now we’ve finally figured out a way to bring back an old hobby with a couple of modern twists.

It took several years of research and hundreds of tests to reformulate and redesign our new solid fuel Jet-x engines. We’re also bringing back some of the classic original airplanes, as well as some new modern planes too.

We’re getting ready to announce a crowd funding campaign to help us launch our new planes and engines – please sign up to be notified when we launch here:   https://mailchi.mp/259ae114f84c/jet-x

By the way, we’re not just trying to bring back a fun hobby from our childhoods; we’re also trying to rekindle a spirit of American inventiveness and a passion for making things.

It’s hard to imagine that the only country to land a man on the moon now ranks almost dead last in science and matheducation behind nearly every other industrialized nation.

Most American school children today are uninterested and therefore unable to contribute to the science and technology that will drive the American economy in their lifetimes.

Only a one-third (33%) of American kids can read at their grade level and, even worse, only a quarter (25%) are proficient in math. This is far behind every other industrialized nation, and represents a serious threat to our national welfare.

With your support, maybe we can get kids away from video games long enough to start building and making things like jet airplanes again, and rekindle an interest in science, and a curiosity about how things work.

While of course having some fun in the process!

CS Signature

Chris Sorensen – CEO

water rockets 5c

Chris grew up in the Chicago area, and attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University.

He started his career as a technology consultant at Accenture in Chicago, but was lured away to his first software startup in San Diego. One startup led to another which led to Silicon Valley. Over the years Chris has been actively involved in designing and leading ten early stage technology companies, and has mentored dozens more.

Chris has always had a deep interest in advancing education and design thinking.

He was selected to join the first Master’s program at Northwestern University’s Institute for the Learning Sciences. Under the direction of nationally recognized educational expert Roger Schank, Chris developed new computer based educational methods for teaching real world skills. He received an MS in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern University in 1991.

Chris also holds a BA (Economics) and an MBA (Finance) from the University of Illinois and has completed coursework in Venture Capital and Corporate Strategy at Stanford University.

Chris launched Jet-x to rekindle an interest in “making” and model airplane building, with the aim of getting kids interested in pursuing science and technology based careers.