Introducing the New Jet-x!

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Jet-x is re-introducing solid-fuel jet engines to a new generation of modelers. After years of research and testing we are proud to introduce the new Jet-x “J-1” engine.



Jetex Motor in Box

In 1949, just after World  War II, the small “Jetex” company in Britain  created a little metal engine to power model airplanes, racing cars, and boats. The powerful little engines made interest in building model jet planes really take off. 

By the mid 1950’s, thousands of enthusiasts all over the world were building and flying Jetex model planes.

Arrow F105 Jetex
Award winning F-105 Arrow by Roger Simmonds (

In 1995 Roy and Julie Lever introduced their own similar model jet engines under the “Jet-X” brand in the United States.   The original Jet-X engines received a favorable review in the magazine “Flying Models” in an editorial saying that “safe and viable ‘(jet) power for model airplanes is back“.  

Unfortunately, in spite of positive user reviews the company failed to find a sufficient market and ceased operations a few years later, effectively ended the hobby of building solid-fuel free-flight jet models in the United States.

The NEW Jet-x


Many model enthusiasts still remember building and flying the fun little planes, so in 2017 we started developing a simpler and less expensive single-use jet engine to reintroduce the exciting sport of model jets to a new generation of model enthusiasts.

The new Jet-X “J-1” engines are built from a paper tube filled with a smoke mixture that does not contain any black powder. 

The engine produces smoke for approximately 12 seconds and does not have an ejection charge, or any other pyrotechnic effect.

The engines are manufactured in the US in compliance with US DOT regulations for “Novelties” and are not categorized as fireworks or rocket engines.

Jet-X Motor Design 6
New Jet-x “J-1” Solid Fuel Jet Engine

While these new engines are exciting for model enthusiasts of all ages, Adult Supervision is required for anyone under 18 years of age.






Jet-x engines are not yet commercially available.

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